It's a fact people prefer videos to photos.

We are a real estate and property video service company. You can see prices and examples of our work on this page and more on our YouTube channel including Facebook and Instagram property videos. Our low cost, no hassle service provides a unique solution to home owners, landlords, builders, developers and real estate agents who want to utilize the powerful marketing advantages and benefits obtained from using a property video to promote and sell the best features of their property.

The top 10 reasons why sellers, landlords and agents should use a property video

1. A property video easily outperforms using photos and text marketing because it is a 1-Click "all-inclusive show and tell" sales presentation

2. A property video makes it easier for potential buyers and renters to make informed buying decisions

3. A property video will attract more online views and make your property stand out

4. Many potential buyers and renters automatically look at listed properties that have a property video first

5. A property video will attract the attention of more "ready to buy now or rent now " prospects

6. A property video will help to sell or rent your property faster and for the best price

7. Real estate agents using property videos stand-out as the premier agents using the best marketing tools

8. Premier stand-out real estate agents who can show potential sellers and landlords that they have the best marketing tools to market a property get more listing referrals

9. More referrals means more listings leading to more sales or tenancies increasing a real estate agents market share

10. Simply put, using a real estate property video helps sellers, landlords and agents to work smarter and faster towards getting a property SOLD!

Maximum benefits for a minimal cost!

When we make a real estate property video, it is skillfully designed as an 'all-inclusive' sales video presentation of the property with one main purpose, to present your property in a way that motivates prospects to come and see it in person, with a view to buying or renting it. That's what a property video should do - sell the property!

Our no hassle, fast turnaround and low cost property video service creates a unique style of property video that will give you even more benefits than high end video production at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time because they are created without the need for expensive film crews or time consuming site visits.


We can make an amazing property video from your photos by adding animations, a voiceover description and text and banner overlays.

See our prices for a 1 minute, 1 1/2 minute or 2 minute video and watch any of the 12 property video examples on this page to see how your marketing efforts could improve and benefit from using one of our engaging and all-inclusive sales presentation videos.

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